Company profile

Company profile

ABL Group is a sound and consolidated business group, born with a business philosophy and a line of action defined. Several companies and activities form the ABL Group: 

The group is grounded in a policy of diversification of the activity, and geographic expansion dynamics. Nowadays the group has a presence at a national level, in Catalonia, Madrid. Málaga etc. It also operates in an international way with urban activities in South America.

With an annual turnover of around EUR 23 million in 2014, the ABL Group is known for its financial health, competitiveness, constant innovation and its participation in the development and implementation of singular projects.

Moreover, the structure of its internal organization stands out for its agility, dynamism, expertise and ability to meet the clients’ needs. This is possible because ABL Group offers full end-to-end service to its clients.

The management model is oriented to commitment, initiative, teamwork, participation and responsibility.


Its development strategy is based on 3 pillars in a short term:

  • Diversification
  • National and International Expansion
  • Absolute client Satistaction

Since it was found over 15 years ago, ABL Group has always maintained its hallmark of quality, innovation, respect for the natural environment and commitment to clients. That is how the group has consolidated its prestige.