Corporate principles

Corporate principles

ABL Group considers corporate social responsibility as one of the main pillars in the company. Therefore, it promotes among all its workers and managers the compliance with the standards of integrity, professionalism, efficiency and cooperation.


ABL's main aim is to create value by providing solutions to the needs of society on housing, equipment, industry and services.


In the short term, the ABL group wants to consolidate its national and international profile as a leader in integrated projects management.


Therefore, never ceases to take into account the values ​​that drive the business group:

• Client focus: respect for the client and commitments undertaken, anticipation of needs, innovative solutions and quality service.

• Professionalism:  excellence, enthusiasm, initiative, autonomy, commitment, effort, ethical behavior, creativity, participation, quality of management and efficiency.

• Commitment to the environment:  sound environmental performance by taking into account the impact of its activities on the environment, and using the best technology available whenever it will be appropriate and feasible.

 Commitment to society:  continuous initiatives and sponsorships with local sport organizations, public entities and NGOs.

• Innovation: complete support to new technologies and its continuous improvement to find new benefits to society.