Abolafio International

The ABL Group arrived in Peru in 2009. Purpose: perform public and private works, mainly in building construction.

Abolafio Construccions Sucursal in Perú SAC got the official approval in May 2013 to work with the Peruvian State at the National Registration of Suppliers (RNP), with a maximum contracting capacity of PEN 303 million (approximately €80 million).

Since the implementation in Peru, Abolafio group performs minor works, until the contract award for an emblematic work in the city of Puno was signed in August 2013: "Adecuación, Mejoramiento y Sustitución de la Infraestructura Educativa de la I.E. María Auxiliadora" (Adaptation, Improvement and Substitution of Educational infrastructure IE Maria Auxiliadora) for an amount of PEN 36,049,600.51, (approximately €10 million). The Ministry of Education (PRONIED) awarded the work.

 Projet I.I.E. Marie Auxiliadora, Puno (Peru)

In a private sphere, in December 2013 a contract was signed to create 379 homes in the heart of Lima, a project called “Condominio Nuevo Cercado” for an amount of PEN 41,796,824 (approximately €11 million). The private entity SOLIGESTION PERU SAC. awarded the work.


Projet Condominio Nuevo Cercado, Lima (Perú)

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The staff in Peru is a combination of Spanish and Peruvian technicians that complement each other for the study and execution of the awarded works.

The main goal is to establish the company as a leading model in the country to guarantee quality and professionalism in all projects where the Group Abolafio may collaborate.